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Are you ready to become a healthier, more fit version of yourself?

Do you want your skin to radiate your energy levels?

Are you ready to finally live a healthy lifestyle from the inside out?

After hospitalization for an eating disorder in my late teens, I had a very raw and real look at how much diet and lifestyle affects our wellbeing. I was burnt-out, anxious and depressed, had acne-prone skin, a laundry list of gut issues, and an autoimmune thyroid condition to top it all off. It’s taken me years to truly understand the meaning of health and gain clarity in what it takes to be truly healthy. Through both my personal experience and professional training, I have been able to connect with and help countless clients on their journey to optimal health.  What I learned was that optimal health also meant living your best life, a life that consisted of being excited and proud of your appearance as well as feeling healthy and happy.  I believe we all deserve to look and feel amazing, now and for years to come.

...And it all starts with whole food nutrition. The foods you eat play a significant role in your overall health and wellbeing. What you eat is quite literally written all over your face. A healthy lifestyle will be clearly reflected in glowing, healthy skin!

Whether you are 25, 45 or 65, you can revitalize your health, rejuvenate your skin and get leaner and stronger with the right nutrition and workout plan.

That’s what my 3 week online program is all about. Healing and health, from the inside out.


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  • Having young, clear, beautiful skin

  • Getting stronger and leaner

  • Reducing bloating after meals

  • Waking up every day full of energy

  • Handling stress with ease

  • Having more confidence in your own skin

This 3 week program is designed to educate you on how to change your health from the inside out. This plan will give you the tools you need to nourish your body so you: get fit, have radiant skin and are full of energy all day long.

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During our 3 weeks together you will receive:

  • Education around dietary changes linked to skin care

  • 3 weeks worth of yoga workouts that can be done at home  

  • Daily tips to nourish your body and stay fit

  • Community group for support, encouragement, guidance and feedback

The information, workouts and accountability you get from this group will be the perfect kick start to a healthy lifestyle. Everything you learn and practice will be easily sustainable once the 3 weeks are over.  It’s time to start giving your body what it needs to thrive... from the inside out.

Anti-Aging is a lifestyle, not just what you put on your skin.

Anti-Aging is a lifestyle, not just what you put on your skin.

Let me help you truly create a healthy lifestyle that gives you the confidence you need to step out into the world and accomplish amazing things. The next round starts November 6th and costs $150+HST.  I am only taking a limited number of clients. Sign up before spots are gone!

3 Week Online Program
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