A little about me...

Hi, I'm Dr. Jillian Cole, a naturopathic doctor in Yarmouth and Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia.  In addition to a general family practice, I am a multi-passionate practitioner and have special interests in skin health, gut health, mental health and concussion.  I work closely with conditions such as acne, acne scarring, rosacea, aging skin, sun damage and dull/dry skin as well as have clinical experience providing complimentary care for patients suffering from acute concussion/brain injury and post-concussion syndrome.  My practice also frequents gut-brain axis conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disturbances.  With most patients, I spend a lot of time focusing on gut health optimization. 

In essence, I am here to make healthier humans by helping you love the way you look and feel.

I offer in-clinic treatments for acne, acne scarring, aging skin, lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sunspots and dull/dry skin through the use of micro needling and platelet-rich plasma techniques.  In addition, I am also passionate on providing you with extensive education on how you can build better skin from the inside, out with the top dietary and lifestyle changes.  Having healthy, beautiful skin means having a healthy digestive system and mind.  This is why holistic skincare is such a passion of mine - we're not just treating one thing, we're upgrading your entire body and life.

Why naturopathic medicine?

After hospitalization for an eating disorder in my late teens, I had a very raw and real look at how much diet and lifestyle affects our wellbeing.  I was burnt-out, anxious and depressed, had acne-prone skin, a laundry list of gut issues and an autoimmune thyroid condition to top it all off.  It's taken me years to truly understand the meaning of health and gain clarity in what it means to be healthy.  From both my personal experience and professional knowledge, I'm grateful to be able to share what I know to help improve the lives of others.  

I'm also a true believer that our perceived faults or struggles carry some of our greatest strengths and I'm here to help others see the light in their pain.  From a first-hand perspective on this, I'm grateful to be able to provide a deep sense of understanding towards others and whatever their struggles may be.  As a naturopathic doctor and someone who lives working through recovery on a daily basis, I can't say enough for how much it means to me to be able to be there for others in their times of need with empathy, integrity and respect.  

In my opinion the goal of healing is to gain a certain kind of peace, understanding and love for ourselves, whether that be through optimizing nourishment, implementing various lifestyle changes or treating conditions that are affecting your quality of life.  My hope is I can help others understand that we all deserve to invest time and energy into ourselves.  After all, if we're not at peace within ourselves, how can we possibly be available for others?

The technical side...

Before graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine's four-year medical program, I spent four unforgettable years at the University of Guelph, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and Science, with a special focus in Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals and Cognitive Neuropsychology.  I am a frequent attendee of various continuing education courses and certifications, notably including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, intravenous nutrient therapy, ozone-oxygen therapy and mindfulness technique.  

I have traveled to some pretty interesting places for my pursuit of knowledge in naturopathic medicine, including Kenya, United Kingdom, Spain and various parts of the United States.  After all, if you're going to learn from world renowned practitioners, you need to be willing to travel the distance!

In my spare time

I'm a lover of travel and take every opportunity there is to discover new cities and countries.  Some of my favourite places to visit are New York City, London UK and of course, back home to Toronto (I need a Queen West fix every few months).  One of my favourite pastimes is searching out quality cafes and spending my mornings writing while enjoy a delicious cup of espresso.  When I'm not touring the countryside, you'll likely find me practicing yoga (check out my Instagram profile to see just how in love I am with the practice), reading the latest and greatest book or getting creative through writing.


Continuing Education

Dermaroller Micro-needling Certification and Training Seminar by DermaSpark Products Inc. (Toronto, ON 2017).

Clinical Applications for Anti-Aging: Intravenous/Intramuscular Support by Dr. Paul Anderson ND and Dr. Virginia Osborne ND (Toronto, ON 2017).

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy Emergency Medicine and BLS (Halifax, NS 2017).

Heavy Metal Toxicology Clinical Chelation: EDTA, DMPS, DMSA and The Environmental Seminar by Dr. Paul Anderson ND, Dr. Virginia Osborne ND and Dr. Walter Crinnion NS (Tempe, AZ 2016).

Clinical Applications and Advanced Topics of IV Nutrient Therapies: Addictions and Chronic Neurological Diseases by Dr. Virginia Osborne ND, Dr. Paul Anderson NMD, Dr. Walter Crinnion ND and Dr. Aaron Van Gaver ND (Toronto, ON 2016).

Superseding SIBO Webinar Series by Dr. Leigha Saunders ND and Dr. Preet Khangura ND (Webinar 2016).

Combined Treatments in Aesthetic Medicine: Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF), Ozone, Plasma Gel, Melatonin, Vitamin D3 and CD34+ Cells by Dr. Adrianna Schwartz MD (Madrid, Spain 2016).

Ozone Therapy by Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD (Reno, NV 2015).

Prolozone Therapy Level I by Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD (Reno, NV 2015).

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Training by Frontline Medical Training and Consulting (Halifax, NS 2015).

Mindful Healing by Dr. Paul Epstein ND (Webinar 2014).

Advances in Women's Health Symposium hosted by NFH (Toronto, ON 2014).

Wellness Leadership Revolution by Andy Ramsay, Marcus Bird (Toronto, ON 2014).

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, Depression and Anxiety by Dr. James Greenblatt MD (Toronto, ON 2014).

Great Plains Laboratory Physician Education Workshop by Dr. William Shaw PhD (Toronto, ON 2014).

HCP-CPR Recertification (Toronto, ON 2013).

Emergency Medicine for IV Therapy by Dr. Virginia Osborne ND (Toronto, ON 2013).

OAND Business Symposium (Toronto, ON 2013).

Intravenous Therapy Certification by Dr. Eric Marsden ND (Toronto, ON 2013).

Herbalism Course by John Redden RH Medical Herbalist (Toronto, ON 2013).

Introduction to Mindfulness by Dr. Alexia Georgousis ND (Toronto, ON 2013).

OAND Convention (Toronto, ON 2012, 2013).