Guide to Making Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get a punch of vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your morning.  They’re also excellent for those who are on the go and may not have the time to make a healthy breakfast.  Smoothies don’t have to be just for breakfast though – if you’re strapped for time but still need to have a meal, pulling out the blender and whipping up a smoothie is a great habit to get in to.  Here’s a basic guideline to make sure you’re creating a healthy, well-rounded smoothie.


Pick a Fruit

Frozen fruit is my preference in a smoothie, although fresh fruit will do just fine.  Blueberries, strawberries and peaches are my favourite choices.


Toss in a Veggie

A handful of baby spinach or baby kale is a great addition to any smoothie.  Putting a dark leafy green into your smoothie gives a nutrient punch as well as a healthy veggie serving into your day.


Add a Kick of Protein

There are a ton of different protein powders out there.  My preference is to have a multivitamin-fortified vegan protein powder as well as a whey protein powder on hand and switch up the powder you use each day.


Some Extra Fibre

Flax and chia seeds blend nicely into smoothies.  They’re an excellent source of fibre, both soluble and insoluble, which will help with proper elimination of toxins and waste from the body.


And a Fat

Think nut butters, avocados and oils (ex. olive oil or coconut oil) for a serving of healthy fat.  Fat is important in our diets for so many reasons, from blood sugar regulation right down to overall cellular health.


Boost the Antioxidants

Reducing inflammation in the body is never a bad thing.  Increase your antioxidant status by adding in some antioxidant-rich super foods, such as organic matcha green tea, powdered vitamin C or organic spirulina.


And there you have it – a healthy, nutritious and fast “meal” in minutes!