It's time to get out of your own way and into that person you know you can be.

Congratulations!  You've made the first step on the journey of self discovery and LOVE by coming to this page.  Thank you for joining the movement - the more we can begin to foster compassion and insight within ourselves, the more we will be able to work together to change the world in a positive, meaningful way.

If you could have it all, what is it in your life that you would change?

Is it improving your body image?  Feeling more comfortable in the skin you live in?  Having more energy?  Being more financially successful?  Having a stronger social network?  

What if I told you it's possible to have it all.  You just have to know where to start.


Why I Created the Authentically You Workshop

After seeing patients in personal practice for a few years, it became very apparent to me that many of us needed a little reality check.  

As a naturopathic doctor, I work with specific health conditions and people primarily come to see me because, well, they're sick.  It became apparent to me that something was missing - how can I help others who aren't sick who don't necessarily need to come see an ND?  How can I help educate the public on how to lead happier, healthier lives so inevitably they don't become sick?  

Sounds like I'm putting myself out of business here and maybe I am.  But really, I believe to my core that in order to create a better world to live in for ourselves and for future humans, we have to start with ourselves.  I want to make meaningful change, lasting change, change that shifts perspectives and encourages LOVE.  

I want people to live their happiest, healthiest lives NOW, not after they've run themselves into the ground and have to force change upon themselves.

I learned this the hard way.

I was first hospitalized for an eating disorder when I was 17, after struggling throughout my teens.  At this time I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition that caused some major issues for me a couple years ago.  I also have a long, long history of a ton of gut issues, problems with managing stress, depression and wicked anxiety.  Basically, I have first-hand knowledge of what it's like to be sick and have a serious lack of self-respect.  Something that perhaps serves me on the empathy side of things.

It took me hitting a complete rock bottom a couple years ago to realize I needed to change something in my life or my life wasn't going to exist for much longer.  I was a mess.  And maybe for me that's what I needed in order to realize that it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and work on my inner demons so they held less power over me.

I created this workshop out of all the tricks that worked for me to become the person I am now, coupled with where I saw others needed help from working with people in my naturopathic practice. 

You don't have to climb the uphill battle to figure out what is or isn't going to work to help you feel better - I've done that work for you.  Or maybe you do need to climb that uphill battle in order to realize that you and your life are beautiful and worthy of the greatest LOVE you can give yourself.  

Either way, let this workshop be your guide to help you live that life you dream of and to be that person you know you can be.

I am so excited to work with you.  And I already think great things are ahead for you because guess what?  You took the first step towards helping yourself, for yourself by coming here.

And that makes all the difference in the world.

self love

It's time to love you a little more.

Many of us know that we have a greater purpose inside us than what we are actively sharing in the world right now.  This feeling of not quite being “there” can take up a lot of space in our minds.  Who are we?  Why are we here?  Are we living to our fullest potential or is there more within us aching to shine out?  Are we the person we know we can be?  But many of us hold ourselves back from letting that bright, beautiful light from within us shine to its fullest potential.  It’s time to get out of your own way and begin to feel more at home in your own body and mind.  

So what else have you tried?

It’s easy to go through the motions of trying to fulfill this mysterious void.  Get our hair done, buy expensive make up, work out and stay away from the carbs - all in a false attempt to try to be this person we outwardly envision ourselves to be.  Have you gotten there yet?  Do the quick, superficial, expensive products work?  While taking care of yourself isn’t by any means a bad thing, have you taken the time to consider maybe these attempts aren’t quite hitting the nail on the head?  Maybe it’s time for a new approach, an inside-out approach, one that starts with the root cause of your biggest question and works its way out.



You are your greatest asset

You’re probably thinking “this isn’t worth it”, that there's no way you can have it all.  Guess what?  You can.  And that change starts with you.  No one else is going to fix it for you.  When you’ve tried everything else and still feel stressed and unsatisfied with your life, it’s time to try something new.  You are your greatest asset, after all.  If you’re not putting your body and mind first, then what are you putting first?  When you feel more comfortable within your own self, you'll be better able to be there for others and the world.


Say hello to the new you.

Join me for a month long soul searching, self actualizing mission to get to know yourself better.  It’s time to put it all together and become that person that’s aching within you to be set free.  Sometimes all we need to get out of our own way is the proper direction, reassurance and a little accountability.  It’s time to step out of your comfort zone.  I’m here to help you with that.  Want to join?  Click the button below.

What to Expect

Healthy Bodies

Nutritional education

  • Optimal nutrition to support energy levels, build optimal digestion, healthy skin and a happy mind
  • Nutrients, nourishment and stress management

Fitness and mind-body practice 

  • My love of yoga broken down for you to be able to integrate core foundations into your life
  • Minimize stress and maximize wellbeing through mind-body exercise

Healthy Minds 

Mindfulness technique and shifting thoughts

  • Understanding aspects of mindfulness and practices to integrate into daily life
  • Awareness of thoughts and shifting of our own limiting beliefs

Happy Hearts

Friends, family and social interactions

  • Find your tribe, build a community of like-minded individuals and change the world
  • Improve your social interactions with others

What makes this program different?

There are a lot of personal development programs out there, and with good reason.  We live in a world where BIG changes are happening.  It's never been more apparent than this day and age that our voice matters and we have the ability to change the world.  This change can only happen if we first accept our own selves and become more confident in what we can contribute to the world.  The world needs what you have.  It's time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and charge full steam ahead.

Most programs encompass the insight portion of it all - awareness of the beliefs that are holding you back and working to break through those beliefs.  That's great.  What I think is missing though is the total body integration of it all.  Our minds and our bodies are not separate, they are one and should be treated as such.  Take care of the body, improve the mind and vice versa.  I've created this program to encompass every aspect of you, not just one part.

We all have our stories of how we got to where we are in our lives.  I'm choosing to take my story and the lessons I've learned and share it with you.  Couple that with my knowledge in nutrition, mindfulness, yoga and naturopathic medicine, I've created a four-week program to help you get out of your own way and into the person you know you can be.

This stuff works.

I know, because I've gone through it.  My own personal experience speaks to the power of the program's holistic approach as well as my eight years of post-secondary education and four years as a health care practitioner.  I've had the chance through my own trial and error to get real on what works and what doesn't work.  This program was designed to save you the years of figuring all this out on your own and get you on your true path faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have a background in yoga to join the program?

Nope.  I'll teach you some of my favourite poses safely and how you can integrate yoga into your life.  I'm not a yoga instructor but my extensive knowledge and understanding of human anatomy coupled with the hundreds of hours spent practicing yoga come in handy when educating others about the practice.

Will I see physical changes like more energy, better sleep, increased muscle definition, less belly bloat, a slimmer midsection, better digestion and healthier skin?

I would be surprised if you didn't.  While this program isn't created to directly target this issues, working on stress management, improving nutrition and dietary habits and increasing fitness in your life are all catalysts for major physical changes.  The body and mind are not separate entities - work on one and the other will also benefit.

How much time do I need to commit each day to the program?

That's totally up to you.  Anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours, depending on your schedule and how much time you want to invest on yourself.  I don't judge - as long as you're doing the work, it doesn't matter your pace.  Because this program is being offered completely online, it's a "choose your own adventure" once I teach you all the tools you need to know.

How long is the program?

Four weeks.  You'll receive daily and weekly trainings from me, complete with workbooks, nutrition guidelines, exercise guidelines and email access to yours truly!  

When does it start?

That's up to you.  This program can be started whenever you're ready to take the plunge!

How much is it?

The program cost is only $99CAD, or about $3 a day (AKA the cost of that fancy americano you get from the coffee shop every morning).  This is a wonderful option for those who may not be able to afford to see me in person but would still like to work on their health by optimizing nutrition, working on stress management and mindfulness and improving their exercise accountability.