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Customized Patient-Centred Care

Grab that bull by the horns and let's to work!

Grab that bull by the horns and let's to work!

In-Office Patient Visits

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

$85-190 per visit


Getting you efficient results so you can feel better, faster.

As a naturopathic doctor, it's my goal to find the root cause of your problem and nip it in the bud.  As a human being who understands what it's like to feel unwell, I want you to get the best care possible in the most efficient, timely manner.  You shouldn't have to feel unheard or misunderstood on your path to finding answers about what pains you and you certainly shouldn't have to wait months to start feeling better.

I understand what it's like to not get the solutions I'm looking for to feel better.  Nobody should have to live life in a body they're uncomfortable in and it's time we found the answers to your problems.  With over five years of clinical experience, 1000+ hours of patient visits, hundreds of hours of continuing education and my own personal flair to understanding what being "well" really means, I offer an honest, tried-and-true approach to helping you solve your pain.

According to the Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves to be beautiful.  In the same breath, about 80% of us agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful, and yet we do not see our own beauty.  So rather than sitting on the reality that most of us don't feel amazing about our appearance, I'm here to help you do something about it.  That doing something about it means fixing what's causing us to feel less-than-ideal and making conscious choices to prevent further disease and pain in the future.

What to expect:

  • Realistic treatments using in-office techniques and at-home recommendations
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing when necessary
  • Full dietary work-up and individualized guidelines
  • Injections and/or intravenous infusion recommendations when applicable
  • Professional-grade supplementation
  • Discussion and long-term prevention planning for chronic, age-related diseases

Let's work together to create a quality, customized treatment plan just for you.