3 Week Online Program

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3 Week Online Program


That’s what my 3 week online program is all about. Healing and health, from the inside out.


  • Having young, clear, beautiful skin

  • Getting stronger and leaner

  • Reducing bloating after meals

  • Waking up every day full of energy

  • Handling stress with ease

  • Having more confidence in your own skin

This 3 week program is more than just a quick fix weight loss plan. It is designed to educate you on how to change your health from the inside out. This plan will give you the tools you need to nourish your body so you: burn fat, have radiant skin and are full of energy all day long.

During our 3 weeks together you will receive:

  • Education around dietary changes linked to skin care

  • 3 weeks worth of yoga workouts that can be done at home  

  • Daily tips to nourish your body and stay fit

  • Community group for support, encouragement, guidance and feedback

  • Fish oil and collagen supplement 

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